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The Impasse – 2 of Swords

The 2 of swords has been following me around constantly for the last few weeks. I haven’t been able to pin down exactly why it’s popping up, but I have deep suspicions on what area of life it’s trying to draw my attention to.… Continue Reading “The Impasse – 2 of Swords”

9 Tips For Getting Grounded

When it comes down to returning to our center state, there are two important keys. One is perspective; the other is action. You must take an action to gain perspective. It’s that perspective that brings calm. Triggers, like anything else that upsets the applecart… Continue Reading “9 Tips For Getting Grounded”

The Metaphor

Tearing down what has been to create what will be has to my knowledge, in the history of mankind, never been met without resistance.