I am not open for personal readings at this time. Let’s stay in touch though, this could change in the future.

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Please remember that this website is the only place that you will be able to purchase a reading through Paiges of Ascension if I open my books back up. I will not schedule personal readings through email or DM’s on any social media website. This is for your protection and mine. Under no circumstances will I initiate contact to ask you to pay for my services in the comments section of my videos, any other content creator videos located on YouTube, or through my other social media accounts. If you want my services, you must seek me out through .

If someone is contacting you saying that they are me and asking you to pay for a reading, they are trying to rip you off; report them!

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In the meantime, Join me over on YouTube and other Social Media

All of my social media is named poacreator or Paiges of Ascension and I only have accounts on those linked below; any other accounts that are not named in this way or are on other platforms not linked below are not authentic and they are impersonating my business; please report them.


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