One Door Closes and Another Opens

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December 2022

These last few years have been one of a great degree of change, but only now do I feel like we are seeing the ripple effects. You have probably been contemplating a change in your own life. The ones you need to make, and those you are still on the fence about. Now is the time to buckle down and start instituting some of those changes. It’s in the energy very heavily for the collective.

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2023= 7. I’d love to say that this will be a quiet year, but I simply don’t see that. I think among those of us that are in a higher vibe, we may be a bit quieter than typical in public spaces or among friend groups, but I do think that most of the conversations that are had that go beneath the surface will happen in 1:1 relationships/conversations.


People are struggling, and it will be very clear this month just how much; the surface simply won’t do anymore, and those who like to skip along the surface will likely have the most difficulty in 1:1 relationships over 2023. If there were ever a time to take the temperature of the room before you open your mouth, 2023 is that year. It’s also a year to use your discretion to avoid spiritual scandals and being drawn into cult energy…seriously.

But, back to the year we are in. As we wrap up 2022, reflection is paramount. What went well this year? What could have gone better? What moves did you make that prevent you from saying checkmate in the game of good versus bad decisions? What did you learn, and how will you implement that knowledge and those lessons moving forward?


I don’t know about you, but as soon as it hits November I begin reflection mode while undertaking my yearly shadow work. This year was a bit different. This eclipse directly impacted my ability to do that work and it was interesting because almost up until the day of, I didn’t realize how deeply it was affecting my natal chart. This may have been due to it being a busier-than-usual November for me. It wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t able to do the deeper reflections that I like to during this time, almost like it wasn’t the right time actually to do that work. Still not sure what to make of it, but grateful for the experience regardless.


I wanna switch gears here and talk about passion. Passion is also something that came up in November. I had to ask myself the question of where my passion lies and if I have still been giving my energy to things that simply don’t serve. It was interesting sitting with this, processing the emotions that came with it while experiencing them. That particular day was incredibly difficult, and I had no inclination that those feelings were even there until they hit. Many realizations came through, despite not having the traditional isolation that I am used to during my annual shadow season.

This one is for the record books and this channeled message initially came through pretty early in November.


I feel like many of you are on a similar journey, almost as if we know somewhere deep down that 2023 is going to be a different kind of year. Follow those instincts and prepare yourself. A good foundation now can only serve your highest good for what might come our way in 2023.

Make it a point to do some deep and honest reflection this month. Clear out any of the gunk that may be clogging up your ability to hear your higher self and move forward on your path, physical, emotional, spiritual, digital–all of it. Taking the things that no longer serve into this next calendar year has a good chance of tagging along beyond the Spring Equinox and can trip you up later.


You know, I always make it a point to plan and think really deeply about what I want my next year to look like. It’s fair to say that it’s been a noticeable pattern for me over these last 9 years. That said, heading into a 1 year, brand new cycle… I don’t see how it would really serve that; after all, when the 1 energy is present, new horizons have arrived. It is still worth setting an intention though, so I think I will at least do that and would add the gentle suggestion that you consider doing this too.


To find out what year you are entering, you just take the month and day of your birthday and add it to the calendar year you’re heading into.

 For example,

April 17, 2023 = 4+1+7+2+0+2+3= 19=10=1

you can calculate all of your numbers at

We ultimately can’t plan the way our life will play out one day from the next. That’s what makes the concept of free will so controversial, yet so deeply needed and emphasized in daily life. We can always choose what energy we enter a given cycle with; so regardless of the year you are entering in personally, you are still entering a new year, with new energy, and that should be honored and acknowledged. 

I likely won’t be filming any videos before the end of the year, but all my readings are timeless and can be found in the Tarotscopes tab in the menu.

See you next year, Misfits!

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