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9 Tips For Getting Grounded

When it comes down to returning to our center state, there are two important keys. One is perspective; the other is action. You must take an action to gain perspective. It’s that perspective that brings calm. Triggers, like anything else that upsets the applecart… Continue Reading “9 Tips For Getting Grounded”

The Why Cycle: Getting to the Root of your triggers

I’ve had some challenges trying to write this particular post. Not a writer’s block issue, it had more to do with finding the right words to communicate this topic and exercise. I believe this is mainly because ‘The Why Cycle’ can bounce between the… Continue Reading “The Why Cycle: Getting to the Root of your triggers”

The Tipping Point

In my last post, I discussed the trigger cycle and defined the types of triggers I believe exists. Kind of putting a name to the behavior. This post will discuss different things that you can do to prepare for potential triggers as well as… Continue Reading “The Tipping Point”

Identifying Triggers

The thing about triggers is that they are a feeling that lets you know that there is something that you need to address emotionally. Your body telling you this, in this way, can often speak to not just the volatility but also the seriousness… Continue Reading “Identifying Triggers”