The Metaphor

There’s been a small delay with your ships coming in to dock.

The ship Ever Given stuck in Suez canal was a big ass metaphor for some of us but I feel like this was an even bigger metaphor for the collective as a whole.


It makes me think about the 3 of Wands and how often this card is referred to as waiting for your ships to come in or watching your ships come in. I never thought about it like this before, but; this energy showing up as either stagnated based on surrounding cards or even showing up in the reverse would be this scenario that played out on the world stage of a ship being stuck in a shipping canal. Later that week when I read the title : The moon may have helped release the ship; I could not help but laugh hysterically, it made me think about the moon energy in a whole new way.

Freaking love it! Not the fact that the ship got stuck, but that as this whole scenario was playing out on the world stage; I was seeing it represented by tarot in my minds eye.


We see the moon generally in a few ways. A potential representation of “dark” feminine/mother energy. Then we also see it as shadowy bits, like our ego or shadow-self, things that are hidden whether that is feelings or emotional based information. In taking a new approach to interpretation of the moon card ( for me), you could argue that whenever the moon is in a in a spread that it could be bringing the tide in or out, depending on surrounding cards.

In this case, the spread of of the Suez Canal incident would be:

The 6 of Swords rx representing heading into a turbulent and emotionally contentious scenario, the 3 of Wands rx representing “ships” not coming in to dock, the hanged man representing non movement; not even necessarily a blockage per say, but stillness. Last, the moon representing the tide coming in, in this case, after a time of stillness.


Crisis Incites Revolution; Revolution Incites Evolution

I purposefully chose the word “incite” because crisis is almost always painful but necessary to motivate us into action and evolution is a violent process, even in the natural world. The physical crust of the earth destroys itself in order to relieve pressure and this changes both the visible and non visible landscape. Many generations of animals and insects will die trying to avoid a predator until one of their offspring develops a way to defend themselves and can manage to reproduce. A pack of mammals will continue to get sick and languish eating something until one of them discovers that preparing or combining that food with another one contains healing and nutrition for the body. None of these scenarios are pleasant; all are violent, all stem from a crisis.

Tearing down what has been to create what will be has to my knowledge, in the history of mankind, never been met without resistance. The same can easily be stated about our emotions, especially those we’d rather not deal with.


In practical terms for the everyday person who doesn’t drive a ship, this is representative of stagnant energy that is being caused by the self, meaning; the solution to the stagnancy can be found where the stagnancy resides; internally. I say this because of the hanged man. The hanged man puts himself on that tree to gain:

  • perspective
  • enlightenment
  • a higher view of thoughts, events, and actions.

In this spread, the Hanged Man is trying to gain this perspective on the parts regarding himself and his connection to the greater whole, those aspects within himself that are not immediately visible; this is represented by the moon landing next to the Hanged Man. Almost as if the truth he seeks is hidden behind a layer of fog sitting right on top of the water preventing navigation because not only does he not know where the sun is; the horizon itself isn’t even visible.


For the everyday person, the Hanged Man speaks to the need to take a step back so you can broaden your view. It’s not that the horizon isn’t there, you know it’s there; but you can’t see it because you’re too close to it. Likely because you may be too hyperfocused on it. This tunnel vision, standing too close to the horizon is also causing it’s own “back-up”. You see; when you hyperfocus on something, other things have a difficult time coming into your view. In this instance; those “other things” are ideas, downloads, divinely guided assistance that could be trying to come through and can’t.

Now, I’m not gonna even sit here on some high horse and say that I never lose perspective, I do; I’m fairly certain that I am at least in the running for Empress of Hyperfocusing.

I do that shit incredibly well; too well.

With that said however; one of my lessons in this last cycle was to learn that there is a time and a place. Knowing when exactly that time and place was had a lot more to do with me not taking the step back to examine how I was using my time. It effectively was both the problem and the solution.

Ironic much!?!

To bring it back to the ship metaphor, It was only when the moon energy stepped in, rising the tide, that the ship was able to get unstuck. A rising tide is easily equivalated to rising emotions; doesn’t mean they are good or bad, they just ARE and they exist to give you the heads up that something in your energy has changed. It’s how we learn what makes us happy, what makes us upset, what makes us feel uncomfortable. Emotions are necessary for growth which the 6 of Swords in reversed is clearly showing us because the characters are heading into turbulent water, aka, turbulent emotions.


So it breaks down like this, sometimes; our emotions are causing the blocks because we’re not addressing them, we’re not letting ourselves heal. When we fight the healing the divine is trying to provide us the space to do, stagnancy can occur. Often, when it comes to these emotions you just have to own that you are feeling the way you are feeling for the tide to begin coming it. You can’t walk or get into the car to drive to your next destination if the ferry hasn’t docked yet so you can leave the ship. In that same instance; you can’t walk/drive on to the ferry if it hasn’t arrived because the water is too choppy for it to run in the first place.

You catch my drift?

Metaphor dude.

Also, apparently the Ever Given is now being held until it’s bill is paid. I KNOW there is a metaphor in that, but let’s save that for another time.

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