The Tipping Point

In my last post, I discussed the trigger cycle and defined the types of triggers I believe exists. Kind of putting a name to the behavior. This post will discuss different things that you can do to prepare for potential triggers as well as what to do when in the midst of an episode.

Your body will often warn you that your trigger is being activated. You may suddenly get flushed, your heart starts beating fast, some may even have their voice or body tremble as this is occurring. It’s at this exact moment that self awareness is so important. You see, what’s happening during this moment is your physical reaction to the fight or flight response. Whether fight or flight, the physical approach is the same; the difference lays in where your mind is at when this is happening.


If your thoughts are to run or remove yourself from the situation you are in flight mode. This can sometimes happen with The Rubbing Alcohol Trigger. These seem to happen more so when the situation has the potential to stir up violence. Someone intentionally trying to pick a fight with you; like the gaping wound trigger folks can do. In this case, their desire to fight actually has nothing to do with you at all; they are an energetic pressure cooker looking for the steam valve. They think that fighting will make them feel better and it does, but usually only temporarily before the shame cycle steps in.

Either way, if you find yourself in a Rubbing Alcohol Trigger situation, listen to your body; you want to leave for a reason. The flight response saves lives, don’t ignore this one.

When your mental state has you in a place where you want to curb check the person/issue, for example; you are in a fight response. THIS is the response to pay attention to in regards to your triggers.


The tricky thing about the fight response is that there are just a few seconds in this process that can make the difference between an assault charge and an ascension lesson. It’s the tipping point. To recognize this moment, you must be able to slow down long enough to observe this moment. Here are some of the tips that I have used over the years to help me achieve this level of awareness.

#1 Meditation- This is the top recommendation I make to anyone who is looking to get into a deeper relationship with their higher self. Slowing down the mind allows you to be intentional about observing your thoughts and also what comes out of your mouth. I still struggle with that second part; flying off at the mouth is kind of my specialty.

It’s a little intimidating to really be aware of how connected the emotions and the body are. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to be a meditation master to be able to pick up these changes in yourself when faced with a trigger. I noticed a small difference in awareness after just 2- 15 minute sessions over the period of a week. It’s almost as if the more you meditate and the deeper you get into this practice, the more your response time improves when faced with these situations.

The other great thing is that even if you fall off the meditation practice, you don’t lose what you’ve learned about yourself but I’ve personally noticed that when I fall off, my response time is not as good when faced with situations that can cause triggers in me.

Either way, consider meditation like prep work to pass the tests of life.


#2 Deep Breathing Exercises- When I say breathing exercises, I’m not talking about counting backwards from 10 in the heat of the moment; although, this can sometimes help. The breathing that I am talking about is done from the belly with the intent to slow yourself down. This allows the adrenaline to also slow down which means no assault charge for you. YAY!

Deep breathing allows you to slow down enough to navigate through the fight or flight response so that your response is a balanced one instead of knee-jerk. I find this one to be particularly helpful when I know I’m about to fly off at the mouth.

Now, deep breathing is not the same as meditation, at least not in my mind. Meditation requests that you eliminate all thoughts to be present in the current moment. Deep breathing exercises are implemented when you want to slow down your thoughts. You’re not getting rid of them, just putting them in slowmotion.


#3 Mantras- Repeating a mantra to yourself can feel kind of silly when you first get started. I’ll admit it; I felt like a complete whackadoodle staring at myself in the mirror every morning and reciting my mantra at the start. However, this became a nearly effortless routine for me to implement in my everyday and became so significant that It was noticeable how my mood changed when I didn’t do it.

Mantras, however, are not just restricted to morning routines. In fact, they don’t even have to be said out loud. I noticed a difference saying them out loud but I was also staring at myself in the privacy of my own bathroom; use your discretion. When faced with the scenario to say a mantra or make someone see cartoon stars, the mantra can truly help and is possibly the most effortless thing you can do to redirect your energy.

You can make up your own or use another that you resonate with. Either way, mantras are an excellent way to shift your mindset providing a de-escalation trigger of sorts. If you’re having trouble with the concept on this one, I’ll share one of mine that I still use to this day:


“I refuse to give power to anything that disturbs my peace”


You’ll see the word peace a lot throughout these posts and on my channel. I even end 99% of of my videos stating that ” your peace is your power” and this is because out of all the lessons I’ve had to personally endure in regards to triggers; the most significant one was that it’s a better use of my energy to invest in myself than to pop off on someone.


Often, some people are just trying to get a rise out of you because they feel small around you and placating their shadow is not something worth wasting your time on, . It’s like, dude; I have my own shadow to work on so Ima just keep it pushin’, It’s not my job to wake up people sleeping on me, it’s my job to wake myself up; ya digg? Other times, you just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time and the person you’re dealing with woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Happens to the best of us. Either way, I’ve personally learned to not take the side eyes and backwards comments about anything to heart anymore but it took a very long time to get to this state. Mantras made me a well seasoned cast-iron skillet so to speak, like the one passed down from your great grandparents. We all know that very little sticks to a well seasoned cast-iron skillet; marinate on that for a moment and you’ll understand why I didn’t say Teflon.


#4 Quotes- One of my favorite places to look for inspiration and expansion of knowledge is books. Regardless of genre, when you close a finished book you should in someway feel something. Not all books have the ability to do that but the ones that do will give you quotes that you’ll easily be able to recall when things get tough. I include quotes a lot. Most of them are from books that I’ve read or some excerpt from an author but some I just simply resonate with what is being stated. You can do the very same thing. A good way to find these quotes is to get your head in a book or better yet, go down the rabbit hole on the topic of your choice.


Lately, I find myself being pulled more and more towards a guy named Joseph Cambell. I’ve yet to read anything by this man but at least 5 quotes of his are in my journal because they just resonate SO MUCH.

Make no mistake, Mr. Campbell will make it onto my summer reading list.

The same thing happened with Khalil Gibran at the beginning of my journey; here’s my favorite from him:

” You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts…”

Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

#5 Music- This one is tricky because if you’re not careful, the music can make your mental mood worse so when it comes to the tunes, definitely use your discretion. Generally, what I have done in the past is gone for music makes me want to shake my peach versus belt to the rooftops, AKA Dance Party In My Living Room where I pretend I’m on tour or choreographing a music video. Yo, I used to record music videos back when MTV actually played music; I was THAT 90’s kid so music and the dance party were my thing long before Meredith and Christina would dance it out full of Tequila on Grey’s Anatomy.

This one seems like it would be a lot of fun to get the whole family to do at the end of a rough week too. I suspect that this is where Meredith Grey got this from. I personally have never been able to dance and stay in a crap mood. It seems physically impossible.


Music is the ultimate medicine for anything and the more it makes you want to move the better. You don’t have to be a good dancer to do this, you could not know how to count time whatsoever and still twerk till your heart is content.

Well that’s it for trigger tips and tricks. My next post will break down this trigger thang even further when we look into what I like to call, ‘The Why Cycle’.

Till then, Your peace is your power.

Identifying Triggers

The thing about triggers is that they are a feeling that lets you know that there is something that you need to address emotionally. Your body telling you this, in this way, can often speak to not just the volatility but also the seriousness of this thing that you haven’t dealt with.

This is probably a thing in some social science field or in psychology and probably even has specific terminology but I’m speaking from the connections I’ve found the lay person’s way and I have found no official terminology to communicate it, so I’m kind of making up my own here; humor me.


Funnily enough, those people who don’t address these triggers seem to be feather sensitive the more they’re exposed to them when they don’t deal with the underlying issue causing that trigger. Almost like with allergies… energetic allergies. 

I’m joking; this is not funny, it’s obnoxious to deal with as an Empath and can make a terrible job worse if that job forces you to engage with the public.

Now, I’m not some kind of professional with a bunch of letters behind my name but I am an Empath who is all kinds of sensitive with a keen intuition on human behavior with trauma and I see and feel this shit clear as day every time I walk out the door of my apartment, sometimes I even feel it in my apartment. It’s been a game changing adventure turning this knowledge inward and looking at my behavior over the years too.


Observation of this is fine, but explaining my observations in a blog post doesn’t really help solve the problem when people are looking for help with this stuff..

That said, this series of posts during May are going to take a dive on this slippery slope topic called “triggers” and how to go within to heal them. And yeah; I’m going to talk a little about my own experiences and observations, it’s not because I enjoy talking about myself; it’s because my experience is the best one I have to draw from to explain this stuff without being “Piled Higher and deeper”. I recognize that not everyone will agree with me either, but that’s the beautiful thing about me discussing this in my corner of the web; you don’t have to be here if you don’t want to.

This first post aims to explain what a trigger is and it’s categories. This post will be a little lengthy too, but I promise there’s some gold in the long-windedness execution of this. There will be more posts on the trigger cycle as well after this one, so make sure you subscribe to my blog and other social platforms.


There’s a difference between acting out of wounding and acting out of entitlement, but the result of each is the same; they’re twins

Paiges of ascension

So What’s A Trigger Anyway?

I use trauma in the context of triggers because I think they manifest from the same place. Trauma is the occurrence and triggers are like the energetic leftovers of that occurrence.

Whether you blame it on your birth chart, a faulty system with incompetent authorities, or people who are only family and friends by title; the outcome is still very often the same. Trauma results from an action or event happening outside of you, that is received negatively by you. Its incoming energy. A lot of traumas, I think anyway, are avoidable, some happen unintentionally or by chance and like with many things on our planet, some are intentional and nefarious. The result of the collective avoidable trauma has amounted to a very large number of people walking around with a seething rage that they don’t know how to deal with because they don’t comprehend why it’s there. Let me explain my viewpoint a bit more.


I’m not saying that people don’t understand that what happened to them is playing out in some facet of their lives; I’m saying that many don’t comprehend why it’s playing out the way it’s playing out. I’m talking about those who understand the cause but not the effect, basically. The residual energy of trauma flows beneath the surface in the subconscious with the ego and the shadow, and many people refuse to look at this part of themselves. Can’t see something you won’t look at. This causes a perpetuation of the wounding unconsciously that ends up growing like mold. I see the ego as “fruit” the mold is or isn’t supported by.

I’m saying that unconsciousness is an energy that poisons peace. It’s this that encompasses the term “trigger” for me. Some of these types of woundings and trigger points are on like the 50th cycle here in the United States and according to the news cycle, social and “official”, we’re right on schedule for a reckoning of our own unconsciousness. Call these posts doing my part to help break the cycle.


Slowing Down For Consciousness

2020 forced the collective to take a long, hard look at itself. The deep look isn’t done either. I’ve started to call these types of events, like the pandemic for example; Event of Precedence. Meaning a whole different timeline could exist right now as your reality if you had not experienced a particular event. COVID-19 was an Event of Precedence for the collective. It has touched and changed the entire world; nothing will be the same after it. Period. It is the event that clearly marked a change for modern humankind and set the precedent for what happens next; what we build up as well as what we break down.


Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is a pretty extreme example of this energy, but I used it to help you understand what I mean when I say Event of Precedence because it’s affected everyone in some kind of way. In your own life, this Event of Precedence could be something that seems arbitrary to other people but still deeply affects you at a core level, and there can be multiple instances of these events in a person’s life that make up their overall wounding. It is this wound that we are feeling when something triggers us into anger, sadness, or even smug satisfaction. Not all triggers are bad per se, but for context, what I’m referring to is the triggers that make you feel downright icky, the ones that take you too far from center.

When something happens, especially if it’s generally something benign to most people and it causes you to feel anything other than centered, this is the open wound being afflicted. Without awareness, we often miss this and it’s this recognition that you’re being triggered that can make the difference in narrowing down what sets you off so you can heal the wound and ascend. Now, I look at this as different types of triggers that can happen. It will help to imagine a trigger as a physical wound for this next part.


The first level trigger is “The Rubbing Alcohol Trigger”. This is the trigger that comes up unexpectedly for people and often comes from a difference in opinions where the emotional reactions stem from being put in situations where their voice was ignored or they felt uncomfortably dominated in some way. Usually this type of trigger will sting emotionally and activate a fight-or-flight response, but the person can quickly return to center once they say their peace or remove themselves from the situation. In some people, the burn is slow to leave, but it does leave… kind of like rubbing alcohol.

The second level trigger is what I call “The Salt Trigger”. This is a trigger that is on a specific topic, typically related to trauma and it’s something that a person knows they’re sensitive about but have a tough time regulating their reactions to it when it comes up and can unconsciously behave spitefully to prove a point. Think classic passive-aggressive behavior and “throwing salt on the wound”.


The third level trigger is “The Gaping Wound Trigger”. This type of trigger stems from deep, suppressed trauma that hasn’t had light shined on it because the shadow is in the driver’s seat. Often this trigger has been festering in the subconscious so it plays out through the ego and leads to self-destructive behaviors. A person with this level of Trigger seems to “wake-up” with a drug/alcohol problem to those on the outside, for example, and they can be emotionally chaotic. Think walking on eggshells around an angry drunk. They can also resort to engaging in behaviors such as manipulation, narcissism, and using people to get ahead in the most negative vibrations of this trigger level. With this one it’s about the cycle of self- sabotage, which is a whole other set of blog posts at another time.


Now, it’s easy to just think that this third level person is just a grade A jackass and you wouldn’t be completely wrong, however; what I have found through personal experience with people who have the worst parts of the Gaping Wound Trigger issue is that they are incredibly insecure, so they act this way because they don’t believe they will get what they need or deserve otherwise. Kind of the classic bully profile when you think about it.

Take this next week and spend a little time each day reviewing your behavior and interactions with other people and your environment. Pay close attention to how certain places and people make you feel and write it down. It will be useful later.

Next week, we’ll cover some exercises to identify triggers when they happen and some different methods that I’ve come up with to neutralize them.

Till then

Peace, Love, & Hair Grease

The Metaphor

There’s been a small delay with your ships coming in to dock.

The ship Ever Given stuck in Suez canal was a big ass metaphor for some of us but I feel like this was an even bigger metaphor for the collective as a whole.


It makes me think about the 3 of Wands and how often this card is referred to as waiting for your ships to come in or watching your ships come in. I never thought about it like this before, but; this energy showing up as either stagnated based on surrounding cards or even showing up in the reverse would be this scenario that played out on the world stage of a ship being stuck in a shipping canal. Later that week when I read the title : The moon may have helped release the ship; I could not help but laugh hysterically, it made me think about the moon energy in a whole new way.

Freaking love it! Not the fact that the ship got stuck, but that as this whole scenario was playing out on the world stage; I was seeing it represented by tarot in my minds eye.


We see the moon generally in a few ways. A potential representation of “dark” feminine/mother energy. Then we also see it as shadowy bits, like our ego or shadow-self, things that are hidden whether that is feelings or emotional based information. In taking a new approach to interpretation of the moon card ( for me), you could argue that whenever the moon is in a in a spread that it could be bringing the tide in or out, depending on surrounding cards.

In this case, the spread of of the Suez Canal incident would be:

The 6 of Swords rx representing heading into a turbulent and emotionally contentious scenario, the 3 of Wands rx representing “ships” not coming in to dock, the hanged man representing non movement; not even necessarily a blockage per say, but stillness. Last, the moon representing the tide coming in, in this case, after a time of stillness.


Crisis Incites Revolution; Revolution Incites Evolution

I purposefully chose the word “incite” because crisis is almost always painful but necessary to motivate us into action and evolution is a violent process, even in the natural world. The physical crust of the earth destroys itself in order to relieve pressure and this changes both the visible and non visible landscape. Many generations of animals and insects will die trying to avoid a predator until one of their offspring develops a way to defend themselves and can manage to reproduce. A pack of mammals will continue to get sick and languish eating something until one of them discovers that preparing or combining that food with another one contains healing and nutrition for the body. None of these scenarios are pleasant; all are violent, all stem from a crisis.

Tearing down what has been to create what will be has to my knowledge, in the history of mankind, never been met without resistance. The same can easily be stated about our emotions, especially those we’d rather not deal with.


In practical terms for the everyday person who doesn’t drive a ship, this is representative of stagnant energy that is being caused by the self, meaning; the solution to the stagnancy can be found where the stagnancy resides; internally. I say this because of the hanged man. The hanged man puts himself on that tree to gain:

  • perspective
  • enlightenment
  • a higher view of thoughts, events, and actions.

In this spread, the Hanged Man is trying to gain this perspective on the parts regarding himself and his connection to the greater whole, those aspects within himself that are not immediately visible; this is represented by the moon landing next to the Hanged Man. Almost as if the truth he seeks is hidden behind a layer of fog sitting right on top of the water preventing navigation because not only does he not know where the sun is; the horizon itself isn’t even visible.


For the everyday person, the Hanged Man speaks to the need to take a step back so you can broaden your view. It’s not that the horizon isn’t there, you know it’s there; but you can’t see it because you’re too close to it. Likely because you may be too hyperfocused on it. This tunnel vision, standing too close to the horizon is also causing it’s own “back-up”. You see; when you hyperfocus on something, other things have a difficult time coming into your view. In this instance; those “other things” are ideas, downloads, divinely guided assistance that could be trying to come through and can’t.

Now, I’m not gonna even sit here on some high horse and say that I never lose perspective, I do; I’m fairly certain that I am at least in the running for Empress of Hyperfocusing.

I do that shit incredibly well; too well.

With that said however; one of my lessons in this last cycle was to learn that there is a time and a place. Knowing when exactly that time and place was had a lot more to do with me not taking the step back to examine how I was using my time. It effectively was both the problem and the solution.

Ironic much!?!

To bring it back to the ship metaphor, It was only when the moon energy stepped in, rising the tide, that the ship was able to get unstuck. A rising tide is easily equivalated to rising emotions; doesn’t mean they are good or bad, they just ARE and they exist to give you the heads up that something in your energy has changed. It’s how we learn what makes us happy, what makes us upset, what makes us feel uncomfortable. Emotions are necessary for growth which the 6 of Swords in reversed is clearly showing us because the characters are heading into turbulent water, aka, turbulent emotions.


So it breaks down like this, sometimes; our emotions are causing the blocks because we’re not addressing them, we’re not letting ourselves heal. When we fight the healing the divine is trying to provide us the space to do, stagnancy can occur. Often, when it comes to these emotions you just have to own that you are feeling the way you are feeling for the tide to begin coming it. You can’t walk or get into the car to drive to your next destination if the ferry hasn’t docked yet so you can leave the ship. In that same instance; you can’t walk/drive on to the ferry if it hasn’t arrived because the water is too choppy for it to run in the first place.

You catch my drift?

Metaphor dude.

Also, apparently the Ever Given is now being held until it’s bill is paid. I KNOW there is a metaphor in that, but let’s save that for another time.

Creative Challenges

It’s been a few weeks of no posting content on YouTube and my attempts at spring cleaning and I am very proud to say that I have begun organizing this new website for launch and that I managed to not sleep over half the day like I have several times this week. I also managed to reorganize the furniture in my bedroom and so far a garbage bag full of plus sized ladies clothing will be going to donation.

I figured, since I’m on here and doing… stuff and things, that this is as good a time as any to dig into the interesting topic of creative blocks by sharing some of my own and realizations that I’ve gained investigating them. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to do a little critical thinking about blocks you may be experiencing whenever you come across this post.


I sit here at 6 PM drinking a Strawberry Citrus Sparkling Ice energy drink and as I have been poking around ideas for this website and the channel; I feel myself being called to do the obvious, create content, but not for YouTube. You see, there has always been a drive and curiosity about showing the world around me; just filming everyday stuff and using that to tell a story. Just so happens that there are these things called film festivals and If I wanted to start working on getting in on that action I totally could. Trouble is, out of the million and one stories that I want to tell, not one of them is coming to mind to start storyboarding ( as if I don’t got a whole apartment to gut *eyeroll*)

The amateur filmmaker in me squeals with excitement at the challenge of trying to come up with a cool story to tell and is equally repelled by seeming weight of planning and responsibility that it takes to do something like this even semi-well for a film festival. The guerilla style shooting is very popular but I like my content to look a certain way so the phone thing for a whole film doesn’t quite work for me. Many kudos to those who can, but; it’s not for me.


Either way, by the time this blog post sees the light of day the deadline for the film festival I was considering will have passed. I gotta admit though; knowing this annual film festival was coming up; I’m kind of kicking myself for not devoting an afternoon to just mind mapping ideas for this, but it brings me to a much more valid point about the work I do with Tarot on YouTube for the collective and some ethical, if not potentially existential issues with the part I play in the machine.

To put it ever so bluntly; I’m bored shitless. It’s not the narratives; collective energy is generally chaotic enough that the readings themselves stay pretty interesting, it’s the package that it’s delivered in. A very static video of shuffling and talking and sometimes like in that Cardinal signs video for Pisces season, even getting a little choked up. At the end of the day though; the format is pretty unchallenging, damn near everyone on YouTube does it, and I can’t do it anymore. So, I’ve been spending a lot of my energy just trying to re-imagine this aspect of my channel while pushing furniture around because I don’t feel inspired with the way it is. I can’t help myself, I need to feel at least a little bit challenged with my content creation and trying to help the algorithm see me isn’t a worthwhile one to pursue on the channel anymore for a multitude of reasons. So there is a block present being in this space of wanting to move forward but not being fully clear on how while still following my true north.


I’m notoriously known for dropping things out of sheer boredom so because this is my baby, in a way, I can’t just ignore it and expect it to feed itself when it’s only 3 years old. If you weren’t aware, that’s bad parenting. That’s way too typical of crap behavior Aries folks are known for when it comes to projects too, and I’ve been working to change my own behavior regarding this. I’m either all in or Idgaf; no middle there and that isn’t exactly realistic to life. Plus, there’s no challenge in giving up so here we go again (I am an Aries Sun, I own it, lol).

So, in the most extra way possible; I am going to try delivering my readings in a different way. Reimagining my content so it truly fits the mold of Tia and not the cookie-cutter mold being pushed on Youtubers “for growth”. This is NOT a swipe at anyone in particular but may be a little bit of one at the culture that has been created in pursuit of “visibility” and “channel growth”. This directly translates to YT burnout both for creators and subscribers of all genres and intellectual theft among those either desperate enough to steal so they can be seen or unethical enough to steal in order to gain off someone else’s work because they’re too lazy to do the work themselves. From a business standpoint and a technological one; I get why things are the way they are and why they were created that way on YT; it’s very bottom line focused, but realistically; It kind of makes you a slave to the algorithm if you follow standard advice and protocol on growing your channel.

I’m no one’s and nothing’s slave. Having my entire life revolve around YouTube instead of pursuing a healthier approach of having YouTube revolve around my life is more appropriate. It’s also not energetically sustainable to keep at it the way I have been if I want to better incorporate a balanced lifestyle. Period. Life happens beyond the world of YT and that has to be addressed first even if the algorithm spanks me for remembering I’m human with real-world shit to deal with and not a cyborg.


In addition to that; I actually feel like I am doing my subs a huge disservice by even buying into the binge culture and creating content with that goal in mind. I don’t want anyone to put things on hold, hanging on every word presented in a GENERAL tarot reading ( or any reading for that matter), or eating up time you should be investing in your own growth & goals by binging all my videos because you want to support me. This kind of goes against the way the platform is built. Not gonna lie; fully comprehending this about the YT platform genuinely makes me consider leaving it altogether and putting my content elsewhere. I swear I’m not trying to make this a bitch-fest about YouTube. But I’ve noticed some things I don’t like.

Don’t get me started about all the noise that notifications make. It reminds me of when I used to work at McDonalds in my early 20’s and how the first week all I dreamed about was the damn timers going off.

I turn notifications off for every app on my phone; they drive me nuts. Yet, I’m supposed to tell you to turn all of yours on?


I will suggest notifications for my channel because I’m a smaller YT creator and my uploads don’t always follow a schedule, but I also suggest to set your YT notifications for a “daily digest”, turn off the sound, and go live your life. The video will still be there! That’s certainly what I do for the creators I watch and support. Hopefully with this site, I’ll be able to update you a little easier so you wont need the notifications or the host of other social media sites to reach me, and maybe, eventually, you wont need to go to YT for my content at all and can find it all here. I am hoping my community, all of you, can help me reach that goal. You can find out more about that over on my Ko-fi or submit a donation at the bottom of my website on any page you land on.

Hey, it’s not easy for me to ask for help, especially financial help, but that’s one of the ways I personally need to grow the hell up, so I’m asking, humbly.

In all seriousness though, It actually makes me incredibly uncomfortable to think that people who come across my content could get sucked into this type of codependence because it’s fundamentally unhealthy. So, in reimagining my content, this is something that is at the front of my decisions moving forward which will likely mean less content & frequency overall on the channel but improved quality of what I do upload.

After so many of us have basically been stuck indoors glued to a screen for a whole year ( some are still in lockdown and “that thing that shall not be named” is triggering new lockdowns even as I write this); I can’t allow myself to perpetuate the very things I’d advise my subscribers against doing. I want you to get outside, put your hands in some dirt, sit in the park and listen to the birds sing, go sit at the ocean or at your favorite spot in the forest. Be human.

I believe in leading by example so that means I gotta do that too. This is much more sustainable long term; promise.

Starting my channel wasn’t about necessarily being on the world stage and being an influencer or popular, even though this could happen, I don’t care about that, never have. I actually find it a little terrifying to be honest. It was to help other people see the light when their life feels it’s in a hole; in that sense, I am a wayshower. I’ve been in that hole and lived to tell the tale of everything it took to crawl out of it, choosing to let it make me better, not bitter, and renew my passion for life; many don’t make that choice or have that privilege, too many. They get in that metaphorical hole and suddenly we’re putting them in a literal one, and asking ourselves what the hell happened and why didn’t we see the signs something was wrong.

When’s the last time you asked someone if they were OK and meant it beyond a politically correct platitude? Better question; when’s the last time you gave a genuinely honest answer to that question when asked? Honesty in this dialogue eliminates the platitudes in modern day communications between people. That’s what I want to help get rid of. Don’t give me the judgey side-eye for calling out something that WE ALL DO. I do include myself in that “we”.


Few address these energies in regards to spirituality and it needs to be more present in our conversations around spiritual growth, otherwise the many in the spiritual community are just full of shit and looking for a come-up; sorry not sorry, that’s my opinion. I know it’s a harsh one but telling someone “love & light” & ” think positively” is counterproductive to helping them get out of that darker energy; I know from personal experience. I also know from personal experience that it does exists so seeing people ignore it is that much more insulting. I needed peace, more than anything and practical advice & guidance on how to change my situation and It got to a point in seeking that guidance that I wanted to punch someone every time they said that shit to me; and that was before I started to actually “work” in the metaphysical and spiritual world; now it just makes me roll my eyes and I keep it pushin’. To each their own dude.

I will always wish you peace. The energies of love, starseed activation, light, positive thinking, manifestation, holding space… all of that happens as a natural result of pursuing peace in your life and removing the things that disturb it. Love alone will turn the most balanced character into a crazy person so I would go so far to say that peace is a much higher vibration than love is, but that’s a discussion for another time. I already know that discussion will get under some peoples skin. Point is, there’s little peace or love in darkness but there can be the illusion of a lit exit sign to something better when you are in the darkness. Everyone knows that your eyes play tricks on you in the dark.

Marinate on that for a bit; you’ll understand my irritation with the spiritual community in general, not tackling this head on. It is a bonafide issue, even more so now with the pandemic and so many losing so damn much.

The ” agents” are not always who you think they are, they come in pretty packages, cheerful dispositions, and will help you walk the path to your own demise disguised as signs, synchronicities, & channeled advice if you’re not privy to the differences in energy signature. I personally find it worse to have smoke blown up my ass that everything is fine in a reading than for a reader to tell me I’m screwing up, or that there’s a “snake” in my midst. Not every message that comes through will be positive, that’s not the way energy works and I take issue with people that project false light to those who are already vulnerable and there are a lot of vulnerable people seeking guidance on YT.

Which brings me to this point as well. Other content creators, especially larger ones, can copy my content but they don’t and haven’t lived my life so that mimicry will expose them; I wont need to. (Keep embarrassing yourself ma’am, I’m Gucci, you have a blessed day now.)


I’ve been freelancing in marketing for several years now, I know how to get exposure, ethically, even in this climate of fruit fly attention spans and oversaturation. But it’s not what drives me to do this and success for me isn’t defined by how many awards or followers I get; it’s truly defined by how many people I helped by sharing my experiences. If I inspired you to take a leap where before you have hesitated, If some topic I discuss helps you get on path, or helps you take that first step to crawling out of the hole instead of continuing to dig deeper; that makes this venture called Paiges of Ascension a success, that’s a legacy I can get behind and that lives beyond me and my family name. Ask anyone who knows me in real life and they’ll even tell you that the bank is empty on the amount of fucks I give about popularity. I intentionally avoid making myself the center of attention; I don’t like it. My mouth often negates that effort though. They’ll tell you that too, lol.

Regardless, It’s not easy to put yourself out there, even though many will pass judgement on your perceived progress like it is (I’ll let the meme explain what those people can go do). —————————->

You can fall in popularity as quickly as you rise, sometimes quicker; popularity it’s not a stable metric to measure your success on. Your success on anything you invest yourself in hinges a lot more on why you are doing it in the first place. Will you still be satisfied with your actions when there is no one to observe you doing them? I will. I know where my heart AND my ego is at in pursuing this.

Even though my primary goal is the same as it was when I started Paiges of Ascension; I have evolved, which at the end of the day means the channel has to evolve too.


Of course, I plan on talking about this more on my upcoming live but I also know how that can go when in the thick of it, having done one once before; nerves and all. Most likely, that live will be in the same format that they always have been since it’s live content. For pre-recorded content though….. the game has changed for me and my everlasting geekdom is without a doubt, going to bleed through. I hope y’all enjoy the switch up though. I know I’m going to have fun doing it.

Peace is Power, thru and thru.

Till next time

21 Days To Freedom

Day 1-8

I find myself at a strange impasse. I can distinctly feel my energy shifting and the pull to do more, move more; ” get er done!” energy is powerfully present. In the same energy though, there is also a pull to rest, do nothing, think about anything and everything, but do nothing; just rest.

These energies are polarities of each other, and they both can’t exist in the same space. One cannot simply physically do something and do nothing at the same time. So there-in lies a choice.

I made this decision to purge. I want to bring in some fresh energy, and this is the most efficient way to do that.

Hearing the intro to this song on repeat, part before the big band intro

I realized, once again, that; this physical purge of items, objects, ties to people, places, emotions, and timelines is just as much of an emotional purge process as it is a physical one; after all, some of these things are tied to people that I no longer deal with for one reason or another. Of course; In the most dualistic manner possible, there is this innate desire to learn something new, to research, study, to plan and organize for other things in my life and it has become distinctly clear to me as the universe has been guiding me out of this cave, that; this physical release is much more deeply tied to an emotional release I didn’t realize I also needed to do, and I can’t skip the step of releasing the old before jumping into something new.

2020 was a year of thought for me; almost all thought, no action or very little. I started doing the Zodiac Season Guide, and I was able to start the Dark Night readings on the channel, but those had been in the works for a while. Outside of this though; I was in thought the whole time. It was a very, very mental year for me. This was necessary in a way though, it’s what I needed after decades of decisions based on impulse and adrenaline to avoid another “crisis”. I can’t ignore this anymore though, this…”stuff”; it has to be dealt with.


I’m just not sure exactly why the resistance is so strong; it puzzles me. I know I’ll feel better once it’s gone. I know it will free up not just physical space, but also energetic space; yet it’s hard to get going and the self-imposed deadline is in 13 days to get a section of this deep cleaning done so I can tackle the last part before my solar return gets here. It isn’t impossible; I know it can be done; I’ve done it once before. It felt easier then, but maybe my hindsight is skewed based on current day circumstances.

Either way, I have to bust through this strange restless and suspended animation state. Major life changes are on the other side of the door of the equinox and I want them more than I want anything I may think I’m attached to. Physically or emotionally. It’s very Queen of Swords; ” it needs to go, so it has to go; now”. She is the one archetype that I only seem to step into by force, usually by an outside force. This time, it’s different since I’m choosing her energy to guide me through this purge. I need to be as ruthless as she is about cutting the dead weight.


This is as good a time as any for a brief discussion on some aspects of the Queen of Swords. Now, I have to preface with saying that every person’s lens of the tarot is different. I may see her energy in ways that you have never heard of before or have even connected to, doesn’t make me right or wrong or you right or wrong. Personally, I don’t feel there is a set way to interpret the cards so take what I say with seeds of curiosity and plant what resonates in your own garden of knowledge.

When you approach the cards with the mind of a student, the tarot will always have something to teach you, about yourself and the world around you.”

Paiges of Ascension

Queen Of Swords

There has always been an aura of rigidity to me with the Queen of Swords, a stickler for details, calculating precise and blunt with communication; kind of like how nuns are portrayed in movies that revolve around a catholic school. She is sister Mary what’s-her-face and you will call her Sister Mary what’s-her-face and do what she says in the way she said to get the job done.

“Don’t dally now, it’s not proper to put off for tomorrow what you can do today” says Sister Mary what’s-her-face; all up your ass because she’s on misfit duty and you’re public enemy #1.

However, I can also see the energy of someone in the Queen of Swords who has become that way though experience, sometimes forced experience because she understands the value in knowing that the devil is in the details, timing is everything, and the clarity of your speech and tone can make a point without having to recite a monologue.

She is the stillness in the air you feel right before you say something you’ve been holding back. She really is quite an eerie energy for me because you can see that she has been pushed based on her grip of that sword and ” bring it bitch” motion with her left hand When push comes to shove (pun absolutely intended); the sword is ready to strike and cut without a second thought.

In this strange and incredibly powerful way, her take no prisoners, put up with no bullshit stance makes her the most emotionally resilient queen because when needed, she can most easily remove emotion from the equation to do what needs to be done, even if it’s hard, even if it’s painful. None of the other queens have that energy in them for me; most of them would shy away or even emotionally melt-down where the Q of S steps up to the plate.


The Queen of Wands, whom I adore and see a lot of her archetype in myself, is unfortunately, easily carried away with the emotion of passion, good (zealotry) or bad (rage with zeal). The Queen of Cups can take on an energy of being either too emotionally open (no boundaries), or too emotionally closed off (numb). Both the Q of W and the Q of C can be slaves to their emotions, particularly if they’re not careful. The Queen of Pentacles energy can easily be subjected to vanity or even self-imposed Martyrdom despite being the most mature queen of them all- ” I don’t have this, so now I am that, and must be saved from it all”. More on all of this another time.

The Queen of Swords is different, even though she is Water and Air; she can feel the anger, she can feel overwhelming emotion, and even feel persecuted, but her reaction is to arm herself with words and intellect, not emotional actions or reactions. In her highest and lowest forms, she has the ability to completely disable someone who is intentionally trying to come for her with less than a sentence. Every time. We can assess her vibe level based on the carnage in the statement’s aftermath. They either look like a suffocating fish or a stunned and suffocating fish afterwards but the facial expression will almost always be one of the wide-eyed surprise of a wake-up call.


She’s that person who gets hella quiet when the anger is REAL. The words will cut deep even if it’s a petty irritation; you’re looking at straight dismemberment if you wind up on that silent side of a Queen of Swords.

Now this is not to say that there are more negative sides or more positive attributes to the Q of S or any of the court cards; there are, they’re dualistic, just like human emotions are. The Q of S in her shadow is probably one of the worst in my opinion because words do hurt and hers can hurt a lot more than most; we need to stop feeding that crap to kids that words and language don’t make a difference; they clearly do. As if we haven’t seen many take a tumble from grace in the last 5 years based on something they’ve said, but again, that’s another post for another time.

Part of channeling this energy of the Queen of Swords for me is to get comfortable moving in and out of her energy by choice versus by force. I pose this question to you metaphysical misfits.

What court card energy do you have to be pushed to utilize? Why is this the case?

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Contrary to popular belief of those who have known me a decade or more; I am actually pretty temperate with my mood, and this has become even more pronounced with age. It’s pretty hard to truly piss me off, doesn’t mean you’re clear of a temper tantrum though. I just don’t care what people try to do to me or those who compete with me; i mean, if that’s how you really want to spend your time, more power to ya. For most of my life, there’s always been one snake in the grass pretending to be my “friend” or some person who feels entitled enough to knock me off some pedestal THEY put me on. Like, dude, I don’t care; that’s a perception issue on your end; I’m just doing me in the most ethical way I can though this life, I don’t want the pedestal, you can keep it #realtalk .

But…. there often seems to be that one person who sees this as a challenge and asks someone in the sea of haters to hold their beer.

It’s hard for me to be merciless, but I can and will go there if that idiot comes for me just usually only if pushed; so, there are many people, soo many people who have gotten away with doing a lot of really toxic stuff, that I’ve never been merciless with because they didn’t necessarily “push” me to do anything except say ” good luck with that karmic ass whooping you just earned 🙂 “. Ironically enough though, part of my path in mastering this little thang we call Ascension means that I have to be willing to step into Q of S energy to cut things off and out BEFORE I get pushed, also known as standing up for yourself * smh*, seems like a common sense concept, really. This can be hard to implement though if you naturally have a peace keeping nature though. Conflict avoidance isn’t healthy when it comes to standing up for yourself. Sometimes we are the ones responsible for delivering people their karma and this can happen in the manner of standing your ground and drawing that pretty line with bling accents in the sand.


So, to bring it back home to the whole point of this post; I’ve identified (ok, re-identified) some background noise in my life that happens to be manifesting through epic amounts of useless shit. Noise disturbs your peace; the Queen of Swords archetype quickly cuts out the things that disturb her peace before they have the opportunity to disturb her peace. It’s how she can always be ” on guard” for changes in the surrounding energy, she knows her own resting state so it’s hard to creep up on her.

Clutter, whether physical or emotional, is not something that happens overnight. It’s the equivalent to all those people and events leaving a little piece of their toxic energy behind because you didn’t clean up after they left your life, and now there’s a lot more to do to get rid of it all. Again, not impossible; but inner fortitude is necessary for success.

Going through this restlessness this past week has helped me to identify noise I have been allowing to play on repeat in the background that has got to exit stage left. So, when faced with the choice for things to stay as they are or move with the river; I’m grabbing my floatie.

Happy Spring Cleaning Misfits

Nosce Te Ipsum

…So I decided to do this blogging thing. This isn’t something that is exactly new to me as a concept; I’ve been a writer about as long as I’ve been reading tarot, if not longer. In doing my research to figure out how to set all this up like I was seeing it in my mind’s eye; there’s a lot of literature I came across in the blogging world about how the very first post should, well, for lack of a better term; be stunning and encompass the entire concept of what this blog, this website, is about.

No pressure.

Thing is, I don’t know everything that this blog will encompass. A post to sum up everything that you will find on this blog & on this website feels counter-productive too; it’s sticking me in a box and I refuse to fit in one to make other people comfortable, especially regarding my spiritual life which is a lot more than just tarot cards. My spiritual practice feeds my mind, body, and soul. I can safely say that this blog will talk about all those things I do and use to accomplish that.

That’s why Paiges of Ascension isn’t called Paiges of Ascension Tarot; metaphysically speaking, I’m a whole lot more than a tarot reader, and besides; “ticky tacky boxes on a hillside” is not how life actually works and it sure isn’t how the esoteric world works, not through my lens anyway. In some aspect of life, we are all operating as a Page instead of a King or the Emperor. The esoteric world operates in the liminal spaces and you can’t put a box around something you can’t see, even if you can perceive it; It’s resting state is to be in flux. In addition, everyone’s experience is unique to them.

What I can tell you is this; this blog will probably be the best way to get to know me and maybe gain a perspective you hadn’t thought of before or gain some new knowledge. My goal in doing this work, generally speaking, is to help broaden the collective lens when it comes to integrating the physical with the spiritual; practically, like with utilizing the tool also known as Tarot as a means for personal growth but also not eating like crap, and using your time to binge watch anything for spiritual growth too. Tarot is not the only divination medium that I use though; so keep that in mind when you approach my blog & website. It will be as diverse as a permaculture farm.


It’s always been a little easier to express myself through writing than it has been through speaking. Homegirl gets tongue tied, my brain moves way faster than my mouth, and believe it or not, I am a bit camera shy. My nature is such that I can easily see both sides of any situation, so with some topics I have an unusual if not simply untraditional lens and approach. May not resonate with everyone. I also may not resonate with everyone and I certainly don’t expect it to. I feel called to all this regardless.

I’m OK not knowing exactly where this road will lead to and I’m enjoying the approach to all of this with a beginner’s mind (and hopefully a little beginner’s luck too :-)). It’s in the right direction and knowing that is enough.

Healer, NOSCE TE IPSUM, first; heal thyself, second; then go heal the world. This is the Healer’s Trinity.

Paiges of ascension

Similar to the YT channel; I don’t have any expectations in creating this blog. It is something I’ve felt called to do for a while–, long before I ever even entertained the thought of becoming a YouTuber actually. If someone told me 10 years ago that I would be a Youtuber, I would have laughed at them hysterically, but I digress.

The experiences I’ve had the last few years on the YT platform and with the outcome of 2020; there really was no other direction to take if I want to be able to share what I know, myself, and do so in a way that I don’t feel like I have to censor myself so the algorithm doesn’t punk me. It punks me anyway, let’s just keep it real, but; it’s a little less ruthless when I censor myself, and It feels gross when I do that.

Chances are, it is likely that sometimes I may speak on or present on topics and themes that are not comfortable for people, like I have been thus far, but I’m probably gonna be a lot more ruthless about it since THIS space, is my creation. Point is, these things need to be talked about as a collective (Dark Night of the Soul, toxic positivity, practical implementation of a spiritual practice, the need for one, etc.), so that we can better heal, as a collective, and break the societal level generational curses that are plaguing us in this incarnation. This stuff really is a collective conversation that needs to be had, and apparently I get a talking stick and a little slice of the web to do it on. I accept that assignment from the Divine Creator and will step-up as I’ve been tapped, pushed to do.


As I said in the channel update during Pisces season; we grow through discomfort. I am not doing my due diligence as a tarot reader/psychic/ home-skillet with the Divine Source Creator, if I dance around these subjects that matter to the foundation of spiritual health and richness. Which, realistically; is the only wealth that matters anyway cause you can’t take that man-made shit with you.

Doesn’t matter how spiritually woke you call yourself; if your life isn’t wholly balanced between the spiritual and the physical, it will bleed through in whatever you do, especially the healing work & magical workings that you may do. I’ve seen this cause more harm than good to the Healer/ Practitioner/ Magician in that scenario than is truly worth it simply because they chose not to honor the Universal Law of of Correspondence. Healer, NOSCE TE IPSUM, first; heal thyself, second; then go heal the world. This is the Healer’s Trinity. I’ve witnessed the missteps of this in the lives of others and have even made those same mistakes myself; It’s crucial to over-inner-under–stand this. You must know yourself, first.


I happen to know myself pretty darn well; so here I am… with a blog. (Surprising no one who I’ve ever texted with)

Since you’ve stuck around this far; let me walk you through a couple of cool things about this new website.

The first page you will see every time you come to this website will be the channeled message for the month if there is one, a quote, and something I like to call a ‘Mirror Message’. The mirror message is typically a quote or statement that is written on your mirror/ message board for a bit of inspiration, hope, or motivation to keep pushing forward towards your goals in both the every day, and your spiritual growth. It’s also timeless. If a song comes through, I’ll link to it through Spotify too so you can add it to your own playlist. Mirror Messages is something I have been incorporating in my life for the last 5 years at least and during those moments when I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away; the mirror message would help with perspective in such a way that it was easier to talk myself out of quitting than it was to talk myself into quitting. Spiritual alchemy in action turning thoughts of lead into thoughts of gold!

Channel updates will no longer be posted to YouTube directly and neither will general collective messages; from now on, they will be located on this website. Truth is, people not really on the level of self-awareness I speak on just want something to consume or copy and don’t actually give a damn about the channel itself, what I am trying to do, or me for that matter; don’t even get me started on those who imitate my content and don’t at least give yo girl a shoutout * side-eye*. So for those of you who are a part of this tribe of meta misfits, you GET IT, and want to keep up on any changes happening to the channel, The most recent channel update can always be found at the very bottom of whatever screen you land on, on this website. This is a good place to check if the channel has been quiet for longer than normal.

There’s a few other pieces of content that I do on the channel that I have gotten no direction about yet, so when I know, you will. I will add at least one series but I have to be forthcoming; I don’t know what’s getting divinely cancelled yet. So please bare with me. It’s possible that for a little while only the Zodiac Season Guide will be posted on YouTube.


Once I get more information on how I should structure the Dark Night of The Soul content, it will probably have its own space on this website. I’m honestly at a tossup whether to put it behind a paywall based on the intellectual theft I’ve seen, but more on that in another post cause there’s a lot of shades of gray involved, particularly with this content for me. Keep a look-out for that blog post.

In the top menu, under the homepage tab, you will find a page called ” Collective Messages” I get a lot of messages for the collective, some good, some not so much; much through precognition. There’s already been a handful of events I saw ahead of time that came to pass, so I’m certain now that it’s not just random stuff coming through and many of these messages have some substance even if I don’t get a lot of context when I get them. These will be on the “Collective Messages” page versus just the notebook on my nightstand. They can be in any form. Sometimes it’s easier to write them out; other times video or audio are more appropriate, so expect to see all 3 forms of delivery for these messages with the most current being at the top of that page.

Last but not least; I think it’s a safe bet to say you will see at least one post from me a week; I can’t tell you what day that will be because that’s not how my energy works, lol. All bets are off when it it comes to the collective messages though; they pop up whenever they want, so some months there will be a flurry of information coming through and others it will be crickets; that’s just the nature of how the Creator works with me.

Keep it clean in the comments or I’ll remove them altogether. That goes for this website AND YouTube.

I do take reader/viewer requests; so if there is something you really want to see covered, holla at yo girl through the comments section here, YT, or you can email me through the contact form (located under the services tab)

I think that’s the most important information to share with you in this first post, though; I am sure I will cover more in the livestream on March 21st.

So, with all that. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new website and I hope you’ll stick around and follow, subscribe, join the mailing list, bookmark me, and all that jazz; cause wherever this leads; I’m confident; this is only the beginning.

Welcome to That Spiritual Life Blog

Your Peace is Your Power, thru & thru

Till next time.