Nosce Te Ipsum

…So I decided to do this blogging thing. This isn’t something that is exactly new to me as a concept; I’ve been a writer about as long as I’ve been reading tarot, if not longer. In doing my research to figure out how to set all this up like I was seeing it in my mind’s eye; there’s a lot of literature I came across in the blogging world about how the very first post should, well, for lack of a better term; be stunning and encompass the entire concept of what this blog, this website, is about.

No pressure.

Thing is, I don’t know everything that this blog will encompass. A post to sum up everything that you will find on this blog & on this website feels counter-productive too; it’s sticking me in a box and I refuse to fit in one to make other people comfortable, especially regarding my spiritual life which is a lot more than just tarot cards. My spiritual practice feeds my mind, body, and soul. I can safely say that this blog will talk about all those things I do and use to accomplish that.

That’s why Paiges of Ascension isn’t called Paiges of Ascension Tarot; metaphysically speaking, I’m a whole lot more than a tarot reader, and besides; “ticky tacky boxes on a hillside” is not how life actually works and it sure isn’t how the esoteric world works, not through my lens anyway. In some aspect of life, we are all operating as a Page instead of a King or the Emperor. The esoteric world operates in the liminal spaces and you can’t put a box around something you can’t see, even if you can perceive it; It’s resting state is to be in flux. In addition, everyone’s experience is unique to them.

What I can tell you is this; this blog will probably be the best way to get to know me and maybe gain a perspective you hadn’t thought of before or gain some new knowledge. My goal in doing this work, generally speaking, is to help broaden the collective lens when it comes to integrating the physical with the spiritual; practically, like with utilizing the tool also known as Tarot as a means for personal growth but also not eating like crap, and using your time to binge watch anything for spiritual growth too. Tarot is not the only divination medium that I use though; so keep that in mind when you approach my blog & website. It will be as diverse as a permaculture farm.


It’s always been a little easier to express myself through writing than it has been through speaking. Homegirl gets tongue tied, my brain moves way faster than my mouth, and believe it or not, I am a bit camera shy. My nature is such that I can easily see both sides of any situation, so with some topics I have an unusual if not simply untraditional lens and approach. May not resonate with everyone. I also may not resonate with everyone and I certainly don’t expect it to. I feel called to all this regardless.

I’m OK not knowing exactly where this road will lead to and I’m enjoying the approach to all of this with a beginner’s mind (and hopefully a little beginner’s luck too :-)). It’s in the right direction and knowing that is enough.

Healer, NOSCE TE IPSUM, first; heal thyself, second; then go heal the world. This is the Healer’s Trinity.

Paiges of ascension

Similar to the YT channel; I don’t have any expectations in creating this blog. It is something I’ve felt called to do for a while–, long before I ever even entertained the thought of becoming a YouTuber actually. If someone told me 10 years ago that I would be a Youtuber, I would have laughed at them hysterically, but I digress.

The experiences I’ve had the last few years on the YT platform and with the outcome of 2020; there really was no other direction to take if I want to be able to share what I know, myself, and do so in a way that I don’t feel like I have to censor myself so the algorithm doesn’t punk me. It punks me anyway, let’s just keep it real, but; it’s a little less ruthless when I censor myself, and It feels gross when I do that.

Chances are, it is likely that sometimes I may speak on or present on topics and themes that are not comfortable for people, like I have been thus far, but I’m probably gonna be a lot more ruthless about it since THIS space, is my creation. Point is, these things need to be talked about as a collective (Dark Night of the Soul, toxic positivity, practical implementation of a spiritual practice, the need for one, etc.), so that we can better heal, as a collective, and break the societal level generational curses that are plaguing us in this incarnation. This stuff really is a collective conversation that needs to be had, and apparently I get a talking stick and a little slice of the web to do it on. I accept that assignment from the Divine Creator and will step-up as I’ve been tapped, pushed to do.


As I said in the channel update during Pisces season; we grow through discomfort. I am not doing my due diligence as a tarot reader/psychic/ home-skillet with the Divine Source Creator, if I dance around these subjects that matter to the foundation of spiritual health and richness. Which, realistically; is the only wealth that matters anyway cause you can’t take that man-made shit with you.

Doesn’t matter how spiritually woke you call yourself; if your life isn’t wholly balanced between the spiritual and the physical, it will bleed through in whatever you do, especially the healing work & magical workings that you may do. I’ve seen this cause more harm than good to the Healer/ Practitioner/ Magician in that scenario than is truly worth it simply because they chose not to honor the Universal Law of of Correspondence. Healer, NOSCE TE IPSUM, first; heal thyself, second; then go heal the world. This is the Healer’s Trinity. I’ve witnessed the missteps of this in the lives of others and have even made those same mistakes myself; It’s crucial to over-inner-under–stand this. You must know yourself, first.


I happen to know myself pretty darn well; so here I am… with a blog. (Surprising no one who I’ve ever texted with)

Since you’ve stuck around this far; let me walk you through a couple of cool things about this new website.

The first page you will see every time you come to this website will be the channeled message for the month if there is one, a quote, and something I like to call a ‘Mirror Message’. The mirror message is typically a quote or statement that is written on your mirror/ message board for a bit of inspiration, hope, or motivation to keep pushing forward towards your goals in both the every day, and your spiritual growth. It’s also timeless. If a song comes through, I’ll link to it through Spotify too so you can add it to your own playlist. Mirror Messages is something I have been incorporating in my life for the last 5 years at least and during those moments when I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away; the mirror message would help with perspective in such a way that it was easier to talk myself out of quitting than it was to talk myself into quitting. Spiritual alchemy in action turning thoughts of lead into thoughts of gold!

Channel updates will no longer be posted to YouTube directly and neither will general collective messages; from now on, they will be located on this website. Truth is, people not really on the level of self-awareness I speak on just want something to consume or copy and don’t actually give a damn about the channel itself, what I am trying to do, or me for that matter; don’t even get me started on those who imitate my content and don’t at least give yo girl a shoutout * side-eye*. So for those of you who are a part of this tribe of meta misfits, you GET IT, and want to keep up on any changes happening to the channel, The most recent channel update can always be found at the very bottom of whatever screen you land on, on this website. This is a good place to check if the channel has been quiet for longer than normal.

There’s a few other pieces of content that I do on the channel that I have gotten no direction about yet, so when I know, you will. I will add at least one series but I have to be forthcoming; I don’t know what’s getting divinely cancelled yet. So please bare with me. It’s possible that for a little while only the Zodiac Season Guide will be posted on YouTube.


Once I get more information on how I should structure the Dark Night of The Soul content, it will probably have its own space on this website. I’m honestly at a tossup whether to put it behind a paywall based on the intellectual theft I’ve seen, but more on that in another post cause there’s a lot of shades of gray involved, particularly with this content for me. Keep a look-out for that blog post.

In the top menu, under the homepage tab, you will find a page called ” Collective Messages” I get a lot of messages for the collective, some good, some not so much; much through precognition. There’s already been a handful of events I saw ahead of time that came to pass, so I’m certain now that it’s not just random stuff coming through and many of these messages have some substance even if I don’t get a lot of context when I get them. These will be on the “Collective Messages” page versus just the notebook on my nightstand. They can be in any form. Sometimes it’s easier to write them out; other times video or audio are more appropriate, so expect to see all 3 forms of delivery for these messages with the most current being at the top of that page.

Last but not least; I think it’s a safe bet to say you will see at least one post from me a week; I can’t tell you what day that will be because that’s not how my energy works, lol. All bets are off when it it comes to the collective messages though; they pop up whenever they want, so some months there will be a flurry of information coming through and others it will be crickets; that’s just the nature of how the Creator works with me.

Keep it clean in the comments or I’ll remove them altogether. That goes for this website AND YouTube.

I do take reader/viewer requests; so if there is something you really want to see covered, holla at yo girl through the comments section here, YT, or you can email me through the contact form (located under the services tab)

I think that’s the most important information to share with you in this first post, though; I am sure I will cover more in the livestream on March 21st.

So, with all that. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new website and I hope you’ll stick around and follow, subscribe, join the mailing list, bookmark me, and all that jazz; cause wherever this leads; I’m confident; this is only the beginning.

Welcome to That Spiritual Life Blog

Your Peace is Your Power, thru & thru

Till next time.

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