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One Door Closes and Another Opens

Butterfly in cocoon

December 2022 These last few years have been one of a great degree of change, but only now do I feel like we are seeing the ripple effects. You have probably been contemplating a change in your own life. The ones you need to… Continue Reading “One Door Closes and Another Opens”

When The River Runs Dry

September 2022 The collective is being asked where we want to go next. Distractions are at every turn asking us to shut off our higher minds. What happens when the river runs dry? Similar to what we are seeing on a global scale, literally.… Continue Reading “When The River Runs Dry”

June 2022

To Sum It Up: Prepare For Tempest First, a small update: My website will be changing over the month of June, so as you are checking the site you may notice some differences. Starting in July, the Monthly messages will be incorporated within the… Continue Reading “June 2022”