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07/30/2022- Soundwaves In The Forest


03/20/2022- Happy New Year

Aries Season 2022 – Pisces Season 2023




Beginning of the Aquarian Age Baby Boom in 2023. The children with no label or title. These star children will resist all matter of social constructs with labels and titles that put them in a box. One of a kind and out of this world, this generation. New constructs that we can’t even begin to fathom yet as this group comes of age.



5/1/2021- Mayday Mayday

This is the Instrumental version of the song, it’s the music itself that is communicating the whole vibe of this channeled message; outside of ” this is how we chill from 93 till” the lyrics of the song are not particularly significant to this channeled message as I’m hearing the music itself more than the lyrics.

Ok, I don’t know what exactly the connection is between the song that I am hearing and what the energetic environment is right now but I know there is one. I’ve been hearing the same song on repeat for well over a week and it’s only highlighting the part of the song that exemplifies the year; 1993.

I was a  10 year old kid in 1993 and there are a number of things that I remember very clearly about just the general period of 1992-1994. There was a lot of violence during that time, there was high unemployment, a lot of gang activity and I believe that during that particular time we were in Desert Storm war here in the U.S.

One of the things that I think people don’t realize about my generation and every one that was born 1980’s is that there has never been a time in the United States where we weren’t in some sort of conflict with another country, whether of our own accord or because we were supporting another nation. Either way, War has always been a backdrop for us “older” millennials.

2021 may be a year that the seeds of major conflict begin to take root and sprout. I’m already seeing  the uptick in gun violence, heavy drug addiction, and attempts at suppressing marginalized groups through physical violence creeping back up to a common occurrence. 

If I’m not mistaken, during these years there was also heavy immigration and even the topic of immigration came up a lot.

Now, I’m no astrologer; I’ve said this many times, but I do study astrology and have a particular interest in historical patterns. In trying to figure out why the hell this song is in my head, I started looking into the astrology and major transits of 1993. Apparently there was a significant Saturn one at this time because it was in the sign of Aquarius but I don’t really know enough to look deeper into that, especially because Saturn is considered a personal planet. Well, we are most certainly now as a collective rocking the aquarian energy in each of our lives in some way just because of the energy Aquarius is giving off regardless where you land on the scale of vibration. 

However, what is most interesting to me is the fact that in 1993, the North node was in Sagittarius; so that means that the nodes were exactly the opposite during that year than they are right now, Gemini was in the south node. 

So here’s the thing. I think from now until the nodes shift into Taurus/Scorpio in 2022 we are going to be dealing with a very specific reckoning collectively. Based on what I am feeling and what is being highlighted as far as similarities in my life are concerned, I feel like this has to do with violence and even more specifically, violence towards children. This actually came up in the  Fixed signs reading for Taurus season (2021).

In the 90’s I remember  hearing about a lot of violence towards children, lots of abductions, serial killers, pedophiles, etc. A lot of trickster energies even were at play during that time. Now as far as how this specifically relates to 1993, I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out and I’ll know when I’ve gotten the entirety of the message when the song stops playing in my head.

I find this process even more eye opening as well considering that a lot of these energies appeared in my childhood in one form or another and that even being so far away from the age of 10 now, this period of time is burned so deeply into my consciousness energetically. It just goes to further validate that these types of energies going on in our youth can deeply affect us even as adults through the repetition of the energies surrounding us.

I can remember back in the 90’s in general not being able to go to certain places because there was a risk of abduction, assault, or gang violence. This was even more pronounced and risky if you wore certain colors. Being on a certain side of town left you at the risk of being a victim of a drive-by. 

Even though there was a  great deal of violence where I grew up during that time, that was also the first time I ever witnessed communities coming together to protect the greater good. It was the first time I saw people who had nothing but their voices standing up for their right to live in an environment that was healthy and safe instead of one that was chronically and purposefully disinvested in by small and large governments.

I remember the summers being so freaking hot and the thunderstorms that seemed to happen every few weeks; but I also remember this period being the first time that the concept of environmentalism was presented to me in the form of “acid rain”. I didn’t fully comprehend what this even was at the time but it was something that apparently was so critical in the formation of my personality that I grew up chasing a way to make my living helping the earth thrive so that all the inhabitants on earth can too.

It’s the first time I think I truly comprehended  what addiction looks like and does to a person; I  understood where the hatred for addicts comes from. People talk about the crack epidemic in the 80’s like  it just went away during the 90’s; it didn’t. The drug kingpin archetypes, “gangster rap” and how this sharing of information through music to discuss people’s everyday moves to simply survive has inspired music for decades but in that same statement, I can’t help but also feel that this industry will have it’s own reckoning because of the continued sexualism and demeaning of feminine energy that it highlights as well as the lifestyles of violence and drugs are portrayed as something to pursue. I remember seeing a prostitute for the first time, learning about power dynamics in sexuality through trauma long before I was mentally or emotionally truly capable of understanding what was even happening to me; seeing homelessness & poverty, all of these dualistic, deeper, and darker themes that both Gemini and Sagittarius can bring out when it comes to the foundation of learning and understanding what these things are and how they relate to us individually, in our communities, and the larger collective. The unhealthy traditions and ways of communicating, connecting with community, and learning institutions that we keep alive when it’s time they go away.

It was at the tender age of 10 that my psychic gifts started to go off the freaking charts as well. I was learning what my “gut feeling” felt like, and even though I didn’t have the terminology at the time, I was learning about energetic exchange, wanted and unwanted. It was this period of time in my own personal life that I developed as an empath. My bet is that so many others who were around the ages of 8-12 in 1993 can clearly remember exactly when your psychic gifts became so pronounced that you realized you were different. I can, and it started with dreams that ended up playing out in the real world.

I remember the simplicity of just riding my bike around the apartment complex and playing basketball because it was fun and something I could compete with myself every time I picked up the ball. I also remember rolling my ankles every other week because High-tops were the thing to wear, regardless of how weak your ankles were.

1992-1994 was a whole vibe; it wasn’t even one specific thing that makes it burned into my brain, it was all of it, everything collectively that was happening in my surrounding community.

I feel like there is also a warning in this for the children in our community though as well. I don’t think that kids are any safer with the nodes begin reversed from where they were in 1993, I do think however that the approach has changed to get to them, so I think that the remainder of the time that we have in N.Node Gemini we need to look at Gemini themes to catch these lower vibrational beings that target kids. I think the issue with drug addiction is the same as it was then; follow the money and look at the top, because it always starts at the top. We may see the fall of some of these archetypes or even just the calling out of them and their toxic lessons & behaviors that have damaged communities. Whoever was in a position of authority in 1993 and has remained there  will probably experience some kind of fall from grace starting in Taurus Season 2021. We’ve already seen this happening to one degree or another but I can’t shake the feeling that we haven’t seen the extent of this yet and I feel like it’s going to be a domino effect of explosive information coming to the surface about these people and the connections that they have to others in high places. I feel like this is the year the kingpin falls on his sword, if that makes sense.

We are going to see some kind of significant global conflict kick off but I’m not getting anything specifically on where except it’s not going to be who we think, this is an old enemy that’s been lurking in the shadows for several decades now and  this global conflict I feel pretty sure will be in the form of disinformation to seed discord, hacking, and cyber warfare so basically an intensification of what has been going on since 2016. Just like in the 90’s where oil was the commodity that was most important for the American way of life; for our cars, clothes, for global trade. Now that commodity is electronic components and access  to the world wide web. Given that Sagittarius is sitting in the south node; I suspect archaic regulations will continue to be pushed and further limit the freedom of speech that has become the foundation of the internet and that this is going to reach its apex when the nodes go into Aries/Libra in 2023 before we have a reckoning in 2026 when the nodes go into Aquarius/Leo. In that time, we will see the attacks on free speech ( what’s happening now), when Taurus/Scorpio nodes shift in 2022, I think there will be an attack on the sex industry and the Beauty and fashion industry will have their own reckoning; likely under the issue of equity and inclusivity. Then in 2024 I believe Religious institutions will have a reckoning and some may fall altogether.  We’re seeing the seeds of this now with so many people turning both towards and away from organized religion. Areas of the world that have been dealing with violent conflict in the name of religious beliefs I believe, for the first time in a very long time, may cease to be in conflict. This nodal axis, Pisces/Virgo is a double edged sword because no matter what, christ-consciousness is going to be the primary method of spirituality and for those peoples and countries that have built their beliefs system with the idolization of the virgin or the demure subservient feminine are in for a rude ass awakening both in 2022 and again when the nodes shift into the Pisces/Virgo Axis. 

I see Virgo as purity in sexuality, a 3D representation of feminine energy and Pisces as Sacred Sexuality, anything 5D and above. Most of the world is trapped in a puritanical point of view of feminine energy and feminine sexuality that this particular  turn of the corner, collectively, is going to sow some discord; in some countries more than others and among some individual community groups more visibly than others.

Just as another side note, I’m not at all surprised about how much Cannabis is in the headlines. The Crime bill in the U.S> was passed in 1994 and there was a build-up of both crime and drug use prior to that in the early 90’s. Often the political disconnect is that those that turn to these lifestyles, often are doing so because there is a complete and total failure in the system to provide better opportunities for them; typically by intentional community disinvestment. Either way; I feel in regards to major legislation, The legalization of or at the minimum, decriminalization of Cannabis at the federal level is something we will probably see when the nodes are in Taurus/Cancer OR we won’t see until the nodes go into Pisces/Virgo. We are already seeing the seeds of this all over the United states. What I found particularly interesting was Oregon decriminalizing all drugs in late 2020. I find this fascinating from an energetic standpoint because Oregon for a long time was one of the worst states in the northwest to get caught having any kind of drugs as evidenced by the many stories I’ve heard in adulthood of people getting pulled over and getting caught with weed. While I feel like the strides on Cannabis reform will more likely take place between now and the end of N.Node Taurus, it is possible with all the resistance to the fall of the old America may stagnate it. Otherwise, I do feel like recreational drugs as a topic is probably going to be in many more conversations when we get to the Pisces/Virgo axis.

This is a whole lot more than I was thinking it would be when I sat down to write what I was receiving. And again, I am no astrologer So I may be completely off base; but this is what I was shown, so there ya go.


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