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Thanks for checking me out! I go by Tia but you can also call me the meta-misfit because when it comes to this thing we call ascension and spiritual growth; I kinda do my own thing. It’s quite eclectic. Works for me though, so that’s how I roll.

I don’t know about you, but I hate chasing my tail and repeating lessons, so once I identify those traps that stunt my growth, I tend to go nuclear on it to break the cycle and make it my bitch. I utilize whatever method that I am called to in order to do that. Good ole fashioned intuition, herbs, astrology, crystals, tarot, runes, meditation, prayer, candles, affirmations, or my cauldron.


I will use everything at my disposal that sits right with me to help me grow and become a better person than I was the day before, but there are some tools and even methods in using the tools I mentioned that I don’t feel comfortable using, so; I don’t use them. Free-will is beautiful, don’t you dare leave home without it. Whatever the method, I always follow my true north.

I’m fully aware that many days I will completely f*ck up the growth potential, but I still invest in that growth. I don’t classify or categorize any of this stuff except to say that they are tools. Tools that can be replaced, tools that can be put down when I don’t feel called to them, and tools that can be retired when they have served their purpose in my life. This is because my relationship with the metaphysical world is one of interdependence and not co-dependence. To do otherwise, in my mind, is an abuse of the tool itself and that’s around the time they tend to stop working for you. They’re there to help you do the work, not do the work for you.

I have been working with the tarot, specifically, since childhood, but that work was always toward my own understanding and growth, never for clout. I used to give out free readings on AOL chat in the late 90’s when I was a teen. I’m aware I just showed my age; wisdom is how one ages gracefully. Doing this work on the collective scale is a new experience but one I have come to be grateful for the opportunity to participate in.


Every time I sit down to do a reading on YouTube and write about my experiences, I learn something new about myself and the world around me. In striving to have that approach of a student; the universe has granted me the ability to garner new insights from multiple perspectives keeping my perception unbiased. Most of the time. I am a human after all and therefore, totally fallible. It also makes me a bit of a misfit because I don’t choose sides and soapboxes are for laundry. I walk a grey line and I understand that everyone is right and wrong simultaneously. Still happy to share my perspective, but I have no expectations for everyone to resonate with me, I’m not for everyone; my truth is spoken through my experiences.

The goal of any of this is to truly live a fruitful and balanced life with an unshakeable connection to your higher-self at minimum, and at maximum, if you’re hype to the knowledge; get a little dharma under your belt this lifetime too. If we didn’t learn through the experiences of others, we wouldn’t have guidance counselors, teachers, memoirs, or mentors. I think we all have the potential to fulfill these roles in some area of our experience this incarnation but in some area of life, we are all Paiges and working our way through the Journey of the Fool towards ascension.


Everyone has their own lens though . I’m not here to judge, just to offer a buffet of other lenses you can choose to look through at the moment of “time” of your choosing (or when your higher self chooses *wink*).

I really do believe that all of these tools were manifested for the collective to utilize in attaining unity consciousness, and this drives how I integrate these tools in my work.

Other stuff about me… well, I’m an environmentalist and avid gardener which will probably leak through in some analogies & scenarios. What can I say, nature has a lot to teach us about spiritual wealth. I also think pizza is a food group and was legit the best thing ever invented. I believe in educating yourself outside of traditional learning environments; books kick ass even if college tried to ruin it for me. Audiobooks for the win! . Last… poke around enough on this website and you’ll see that I also believe music is life! Spotify links for days dude and they run the gamut in genre. There is a song for every mood, moment, event, and emotion.

At the end of the day, I do me; trying to be someone else is not what the divine put me here for, you can miss me with that hot mess 🙂

Growing list of quotes I live by

“Good deeds are no better than good dreams, unless they be executed!”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What I’m reading and listening to will change as I finish them! See what I’ve already finished reading here

Just a FYI, I may earn a small commission on products purchased through links posted below

Book Animal, Vegetable, Junk : A History of Food, from Sustainable to Suicidal By Mark Bittman
My Favorite Podcast

I know there are thousands of podcasts out there and there are a handful of others I am working my way through, however; I am always up to date on this one and listening is a part of my weekly routine. Jim is my favorite and I’ve been listening to Paranormal Podcast for years. Lots of informational gold here on the paranormal and metaphysical, even in the archives. Give him a listen, subscribe if you’re feeling it, and share with the masses. No commissions or clout are earned through sharing this podcast with you; I just think Jim is a badass wayshower and should be recognized.

The Paranormal Podcast on Spotify

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