“The eyes have one language everywhere.

by Romanian Proverb

To Sum It Up: Something is coming to a head



Do you ever feel sometimes like we’re stuck in a bad theme park?

Well, if not, prepare for a dose of it over the next few weeks. October is a roller coaster ride.

It’s like we’re going up the roller coaster; click**click**click**click

None of us know exactly what is at the top or what the ride down is going to look like. We’ve been clicking up this thing for a while now.

It doesn’t even matter what area of life that this is taking place in, the theme is the same.

Something is coming to a head


Like, if you can imagine a roller coaster car train being able to split each car individually and take people on a different track based on the direction the car took them in, there would be an endless amount of possibilities of what that ride would look like for each person.

I’m not arrogant enough to try and do all that. It’s pretty extra, but I smell something significant coming for about 3-4 groups of people in the…sub-collective that may be feeling this energy strongest.

Group of reward

Group of regret

Group of descent

Group of redemption


I say 3-4 because I haven’t been able to clearly identify if descent and redemption are separate groups or not and this download came through for October weeks ago. We’ll have to see how the cards fall with these ( maybe literally), but the specific energy is distinct for each, even though there are a number of ways these things could play off each other for any particular individual and for the collective. Either way; something in life is going to be put to task over the month of October based on how you’ve been spending the better part of 2021. 

For those who have been doing right by their own energy and by others; a multitude of rewards are coming your way, more than you can even fathom. For those who have been reckless, jealous, obsessive, or malicious; I see either an opportunity to redeem oneself to course-correct or a massive trigger stemming from a series of crap decisions that leads to a descent. Based on my humble knowledge of astrology, this feels a lot like Saturn and Pluto at work so I would suggest checking these placements in your natal chart and the transits touching them over the month of October. Add in a Mercury retrograde for the better part of the month and many are looking at this being something from the past that will resurface. This could be a person, place, thing, situation, or even emotion somehow connected with one of the groups I mentioned.


How you proceed with the tests that lay in front of you is for no one to decide but you and it will become clear very quickly when these tests are put in the path of those who have done the inner work which theme is present at this time.

For those of you that have been following this blog since April, you know that one month I stated that there was some serious ick coming down the pipe. We started to see the fringes of this energy in mid-late September. By the end of November, things are going to look VERY different; collectively and individually for those who land in these sub-groups.

I wish this message was fluffier, but let’s keep it real, you’re not coming to my page to have you know what blow up you know where. Stay present this month ya’ll.


Monthly Mirror Message: Look into your eyes; what do you see?

Monthly Mirror Message: “Can you truly see anything if you don’t see yourself”- POACreator

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  1. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I do believe that you need to write more about this subject, it might not be a taboo subject but usually people don’t speak about these issues. To the next! Best wishes!!


    • Thank you for that vote of confidence. I agree that the connection between the mind and the body tends to be a bit of a footnote in the current dialogue on spiritual ascension. I’m glad you enjoyed the channeled message for the month of May; don’t forget to take a screenshot of it if something resonated and you’d like to refer back to it at another time. The whole page changes every month :-).


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