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When The River Runs Dry


September 2022

The collective is being asked where we want to go next. Distractions are at every turn asking us to shut off our higher minds. What happens when the river runs dry? Similar to what we are seeing on a global scale, literally. History is being unearthed, those things that hid in the water become visible. What’s done in the dark, always comes to light, just like the wind moves the clouds on an overcast day. In the worst circumstances, a disconnect from the divine.

There are 3 versions of this song; the one I heard for this month’s message was the version by Led Zeppelin, but I feel I must pay homage to the original creators of this song, I believe it is relevant to what came through. The Led Zeppelin version can be found here and the A Perfect Circle version can be found here

It’s interesting how this concept of social media tells us we should be ourselves, while simultaneously implying that we must change to be successful.

If this is all a matter of being your authentic self to gain visibility as a content creator, then many of the creators I have kept up with wouldn’t be flocking away from these platforms and each one of them would show a multitude of success after being on these platforms for multiple years. Some are, but most are not.

You can’t be yourself and simultaneously comply with an algorithm that only promotes the fanatical, the fringe, and the token.


Anyone who says that you can be is clearly not a content creator. In this work, you are ALWAYS catering to an algorithm overlord, regardless of your topic.

There is no such thing as an overnight success.

You’d be remiss thinking that I’m just complaining about the state of social media and being a small content creator at first glance, and while I have let my stance on this known in previous posts, this is pointing to a darker message that has nothing to do with my opinion.

Look a little deeper, you’ll see the same parallels that I am. This makes the September message one of foreshadowing, where offline practice imitates online behavior more deeply, as if actions don’t have consequences and ripple effects.


It’s a concerning notion that some people’s minds have become completely blurred and they don’t know the difference online and offline. I doubt I am the only one feeling this… like a powder keg is about to be lit. I’ve been feeling this energy since last year. It’s come in waves of strength, but has never completely gone away. Whatever this is will feel like it happened overnight and out of nowhere, but know;  this tension has been building for a while.


I read an article the other day about Mount Nyiragongo erupting without warning and how this has changed what volcanologists know to be true about how volcanos behave before an eruption. Even as long as we have been studying volcanoes, nature is still throwing a curveball. The energy I am picking up is a lot like this.

There is a perception or belief that something or someone will react a certain way, and that ends up not being the case, sometimes, the behavior may be much more volatile.

We don’t always know what we don’t know and some things we have no real consciousness of because we’ve never seen or felt it before; just because it is new to you, does not mean, in any form that the concept, thing, or behavior is. Keep this in mind as you navigate this month.

My spidey senses say something is up collectively.


September is a time to finish purging the things, people, and stagnating energies out of your world and be very intentional about the seeds you plant. It’s about to get bumpy and the ride will be much smoother if you have things in order.

The Virgo Season Guide readings are live on the website along with zodiac monthly readings under the Tarotscope tab. Some of these readings may help some of you determine how the month of September will play out for you and the personal themes that may be present.

Protect your energy, Misfits

See you in October.

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